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Change Your Home Air Filter

Posted on January 20, 2014 at 10:59 PM
         The one part of cleaning most forget about is changing the air filter. We notice in the majority of homes we clean that the filters are rarely checked or changed. We always focus to keep the vents cleaned out specially the return air vent. 

      Regular maintenance of your home heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is critical to ensure its long life and proper operation. Proper maintenance of your air system can help keep your loved ones safe from extreme temperatures —and may also help save you some money in the long run.

       The last you want during the winter or summer is having your air go out. The air system also referred to as the HVAC system keeps you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Changing the filter out regularly helps to insure your system has a long life. During the summer it is recommended to change the filter every 30 days. During the colder months you can probably get away with changing your filter every 2 or 3 months depending on the area your in and how much you use your air. 

 I have added some tips in from other sites I read regularly that I thought would be beneficial. 

How to Do It:
Following these steps will make changing your air filter easy. But, always make sure to read your HVAC system's manufacturer instructions to ensure you understand how to properly change the filter.

Step 1. Buy a new filter.Before you buy a new air filter, check your owner's manual to identify the right number or size (it should also be printed on the side of your existing air filter). You should be able to get a replacement filter at a hardware store, or some department stores sell them.

Step 2. Turn off the unit.Be sure to turn off your HVAC unit before attempting to change the filter, for your own safety. If you can't figure out how to turn off the unit itself, you should turn off the breaker.

Step 3. Remove the old filter.Most air filters are located on the right side of the unit. The filter should easily pull out of its slot in the furnace. It's not common, but sometimes filters are found in air vents in your home. If that is the case, you will likely need to contact a professional to change the filter.

Step 4. Insert new filterSimply slide the new filter into place. There are arrows on the new filter to indicate which side should be facing the outside air.

Remove the old filter and slide the new filter in. 
If at anytime you have trouble be sure to call a professional to help. 

Don't forget it is good to have your HVAC tuned up as well. 

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